Mario Vargas Llosa (2003)

As an organic part of FranciArt, a series of large-scale events in Hungary, the 10th Jubilee International Book Festival Budapest introduced contemporary French literature and publishing as Guest of Honour with the participation of world-famous writers, scientists, artists and renowned French publishers. France presented the new books of Francophone book publishing at an exclusive stand of 160 m2. Besides French authors over 50 recognized writers from 17 countries visited Budapest. The Guest of Honour writer of the Festival was one of the best-read writers of the world, Mario Vargas Llosa from Peru. One of the most successful programmes at the Festival was the on-stage conversation between Swedish writer Per Olov Enquist and Péter Esterházy. The European First Novel Festival, an event realized through the cooperation of accredited embassies and cultural institutions from EU member states was organized for the third time. Three of the young talents who were introduced arrived at the Festival with their books already translated. During the three and a half days of the Jubilee Festival 250 programmes awaited the 58,000 visitors.