Jonathan Franzen (2015)

22nd International Book Festival Budapest has become one of the most visited of the history of this particular fair. More than 230 Hungarian and foreign exhibitors attended, filling both buildings and some of the open space in front of them. A huge number of visitors line up in front of the tables where authors such as Jonathan Franzen, Daniel Kehlman, János Háy, Péter Esterházy, Miklós Vámos and many more were signing their books. The focus theme of this year's festival was a special anniversary: it was 220 years ago that the predecessor of our association, Pesti Könyvárusok Grémiuma was established, bringing with it the birth of the organized book market in Hungary. We were able to welcome the representatives of two important book trade organizations, Federation of European Publishers and International Publishers' Association who arrived to Budapest in order to hold a meeting about the most urgent tasks of the trade. 18 debuting authors attended the 15th European First Novel Festival, where Réka Mán-Várhegyi represented Hungary.