The first Festival

At the end of April 1994 over 400 publishers from 20 countries came to the first Festival to the Budapest Convention Centre. The daily press showed appreciation to the new initiative of the Hungarian book culture: „Sober elegance yet a genuine fair-like atmosphere prevails over the entire palace. White shelves, colourful books, flowers. Hungarian publishers not only brought their latest books out of the printing houses but also their most successful publications of the past few years. Recently privatized companies with great traditions and those that have been established in the near past have also put in an appearance. There are several church publishers present. Printing houses involved in book publishing also came …” (Magyar Nemzet, April 23, 1994)
„There will be a book fair in Buda… The success of the 1st International Book Festival Budapest has proven again: books would not go out of fashion.” (Kápé, May 5, 1994)