Ephraim Kishon (1996)

The 3rd Book Festival took place with the participation of 27 countries: nearly 50 publishers from Hungary, neighbouring and foreign countries were there to present their books. The Guest of Honour at the Festival was the Hungarian-born Ephraim Kishon. The 3rd Festival was a big success with the public: more than 20,000 visitors saw the events of the Festival. The Book Festival Budapest built the foundation for the later presence of Hungary and Hungarian culture as the Guest of Honour at the largest book fair of the world in Frankfurt. „When the directorate of the Frankfurt Book Fair chose Portugal it also decided that Hungary would be the guest of honour at the next free date available.… It is the definite intention of the Hungarian government to accept the invitation and participate at the Frankfurt Book Fair as a special guest of honour in 1999”. (Népszabadság, April 26, 1996. Interview with Peter Weidhaas, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair.)