Bret Easton Ellis (2008)

The 15th International Book Festival  Book Festival celebrated its fifteenth anniversary at a new venue, the Millenáris. The change of location, which is always risky, proved to be successful. the high-standard and established cultural venue fulfilled the hopes attached to it: The original atmosphere of the event could be preserved, and the number of visitors grew significantly to 61,000—we even broke the visitor record. A major factor of success was that the Festival’s Guests of Honour attracted a large audience. American writer Bret Easton Ellis, who was presented with the Budapest Grand Prize, was particularly popular with the younger generation. Similarly, the impressive presentation of Chinese culture, contemporary literature and publishing also excited great interest with both trade representatives and the general public. The new venue  also made it possible to increase the exhibition space by more than 20 % and thus the number ov programmes as well.